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Broker Overview

See how FreightTrust can help scale your brokerage.

Creating A New Shipment Is As Easy As 1‑2‑3

  • Submit a new shipment to the system in minutes.
  • Invite new shippers and carriers directly through the FMCSA database.

Track Your Financials & Nail Down Your Margins

  • Inform carriers of your desired rates and work out if a job is profitable for you.
  • At-a-glance outline of your finances and shipment timing over several time frames.

Keep An Overview Of Every Step Along Your Routes

  • Real-time GPS tracking of deliveries.
  • Chain together your deliveries in the most efficient way.
  • Add new stops by clicking and dragging to increase ROI.

Real-Time Updates On Your Shipments And Profits

  • See your shipment success rates and profits for several time-frames.
  • Updated in real-time so you never miss a beat.

The Real-Time Dashboard Instantly Updates All Other Shipment Metrics

  • All documents can be signed directly on a computer, tablet, or phone - with 100% legality.
  • Instantly updated timestamps make detention payout resolutions quick and accurate.