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FreightTrust Mobile App

For both iOS and Android devices.

Use Our Mobile App To Stay In The Loop While On The Move

We understand that not everyone will have easy access to our great desktop software – so we made an app to account for all situations!

With the same great FreightTrust functionality as our browser-based platform, our app makes you a genuine mobile freight powerhouse.

E-Sign Bill of Lading While On The Move

As part of our effort to completely eliminate paper from the trucking supply chain, we made sure that 100% legal digital signatures were a core part of the FreightTrust experience.

When a carrier arrives at a destination where a Bill of Lading has to be signed, they can simply pull out their phone and have the necessary parties sign, right on screen.

  • 100% legal digital document signing.
  • No more unnecessary delays due to waiting for documents to arrive.
  • Blockchain-secured.

Manual And Automatic Carrier Tracking

As a broker, it pays to know where a shipment is and whether it looks to be on time. Either set up automatic tracking updates to be kept seamlessly updated, or request a tracking update manually.

Carriers receive push notifications on their mobile device with requests to allow a manual update, or can simply allow automatic, regular updates.

  • Keep track of your shipments with automatic or manual tracking updates.
  • Push notifications send carriers requests for tracking updates.
  • Shipment progress overviews are easier than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do you support both Android and iOS?

Yes! Our app is available for both platforms, we don't want anyone to miss out.

02. Is automatic carrier tracking obligatory?

No, carriers can opt for manual tracking requests instead, whereby they receive a push notification informing them that a broker is requesting their location. Carriers and brokers can set this up on a case-by-case basis.

03. How safe is the app?

Documents are securely located on our blockchain network, where they are impossible to retrieve by malicious parties.

The app also requires a pin code entry to use (plus you can use an extra passphrase or code to unlock your phone), making it a difficult task for anyone to gain entry - especially when compared to traditional paper documents!

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