Smart Documents mean more Information.
Better decisions mean better outcomes.


Greater Insights

Leverage our A.I. integrations to find out which of your carriers will deliver on-time, the probability of a change in lane pricing, and more, to minimize your risks.

Legal Contracts

FreightTrust is the only fully legal paperless shipping document platform in the world.

Same-Day Payments

Same-day payments, Smart Contract Escrows, loading Pre-Paid Debit cards, and more, are all available on FreightTrust.

The Next Generation in Shipping Documents

FreightTrust enables more than just paperless documents.
From instant invoice factoring to detention payouts and more.

Customize To Suit Your Needs

From Brokers, Carriers, or Shippers, FreightTrust is designed to suit your business needs.

USD or ARY Token

Use any currency you would like, or use our ARY Token and receive a discount.

Free Integration Development

Need to integrate FreightTrust with your TMS/WMS, or other ERP? We offer up to 15 hours of development time for free for new customers.

Smarter Documents

Smart Contract powered documents bring more than digital signatures.
From A.I. Analytics to Same-Day Payments.

Global Reach

FreightTrust is designed to work in any country, and is not only GDPR compliant but also supports multiple languages natively, such as German, French, Spanish and more.

API Based Tracking

Eliminate clunky EDI-based tracking with our included API for providing instant asset-tracking to your customers.

Fast Performance

Federated Networks mean we have a guaranteed uptime of 99.999% and a transaction time of less than 5 seconds.

Free Trial & No Obligation To Sign Up

Built for Brokers, Shippers, & Carriers, FreightTrust goes to Public Availability January 2019.